IFNet Action Report 2006

March 2006 IFNet

"IFNet Action Report 2006" introduces good practices and lessons against flood disasters drawn upon the information provided by the IFNet members, in accordance with the decision made at the 2nd IFNet General Meeting in January 2005. 13 reports in response from Asia, Europe, Africa and North America are carried in this report.

We can learn quite a lot from the experience of other areas and people, and we hope that such knowledge will be used to improve actions being taken in your area or be incorporated into flood management measures newly developed in the future. As there might be much more good practices and lessons for flood mitigation, we wish to continue this effort introducing such unknown actions.

  • To identify leading flood damage mitigation initiatives and training programs and disseminate these to promote awareness of flood damage
  • To raise awareness of the relevance of social factors such as poverty, unemployment and uncontrolled urban development to flood damage
  • To promote diversified participation from national to community level in flood damage mitigation initiatives

Download the full report [PDF 3.4MB].

As a precautionary measure in case the authors' intention is not fully conveyed in the summarized versions, the original reports can be downloaded [PDF].

List of original reports

Title Author(s)
1 Non-structural Measures - Also Significant Factors of Flood Disaster Reduction Babiakova Gabriela,
Leskova Danica
(Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute)
Slovak Republic
2 Alternative Local Disaster Countermeasures for Agos River, Infanta Quezon Resito V. David,
Jessie C. Felizardo
(Sabo Engineering Center of Dept. Public Works and Highways
The Philippines
3 Action towards Typhoon-related Disasters Reduction in China Liu Jinping
(Ministry of Water Resources)
4 Use of Satellite Image to Map Flood Extension around the City of Saint Louis in the Senegal River Estuary Aliou Mamadou Dia
(Univ. of Dakar)
5 Making a Difference in Managing Water Related Disaster through Survey and Assessment Yolanda Benitez-Gomez
(Mariam College)
The Philippines
6 Action Report toward Flood Disaster Reduction, Indonesian Case Sutardi
(Indonesia Water Partnership)
7 A Flood Forecasting Device in Quezon City, Philippines: a Sound Practice for Flood Disasters Reduction Measure Noel L. Lansang
(Dept. of Public Order and Safety)
The Philippines
8 Floods in India - Disaster and Management Supriyo Nandy
(Centre for Built Environment)
9 Computerized Decision Support for Flood Management: Red River Basin Case Study Slobodan P. Simonovic
(Univ. of Western Ontario)
10 The Application of Sabo Technology for Lahars Flood Mitigation and Warning System in Volcanic Area Agus Sumaryono
(Ministry of Public Works)
11 Flood Prevention and Drainage Modeling in Hong Kong Henry C.K. Chu
(Drainage Service Department)
Hong Kong
12 Flood Forecasting and Warning System to the Most Vulnerable Communities in Cambodia Long Saravuth
(Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology)
13 Flood forecasting system and flood management in Lao PDR BouaNgeun Oudomchit
(Department of Meteorology and Hydrology)

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