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August  01, 2007 / IFNet secretariat


Heavy rain causes flooding in Sudan

Saturday 7 July, 2007

Torrential rains in Sudan since the beginning of July 2007 have caused the Nile River and other seasonal rivers to overflow, resulting in extensive flooding in eight States of the country. The floods have submerged villages and caused immense damage to infrastructure, including roads and bridges.
According to the Sudanese Government authorities and media reports and latest assessment results, more than 30 people have been killed, an estimated 100 injured and more than 25,000 houses completely destroyed and 20,000 houses partially destroyed by the floods. Other news agency says the death toll rises to around 100.

The Sudanese Government has issued flash-flood warnings for North Kordofan, White Nile, Kassala, and Red Sea states, as well as North, South and West Darfur. This emergency is at the very beginning of the rainy season and the flood situation is predicted to get worse. The peak flood season is between July 15 and end of August. In Kassala, the El Gash River has already flooded and is higher than during the massive floods in 1988. Similarly, the Nile is being monitored in Khartoum, in close contact with government counterparts in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

According to the IGAD (The Intergovernmental Authority on Development) Climate prediction and applications centre, the climate outlook for July 2007 indicates that central and southern Sudan are likely to experience near to above normal rainfall. Authorities fear the Nile will continue to rise, further submerging the lower areas surrounding the capital.

Climate Prediction Centerfs Forecaster warn that much of the country will likely to face further flood threats from the rains that are expected to continue until the end of the wet season in September.

4. NUMBER OF VICTIMS     (as of July 18, 2007)
       Dead : around 100 people
       Missing : 100 people
       Affected : 2.4 million people
       Damaged house : completely 25,000
                                  partially 20,000


(IFRC: As of 12 July)

(OCHA: As of 24 July)

 According to GFAS, daily precipitation exceeding 5-year return period was observed
  Central and Northern part of Sudan on July 15 (Fig.1).

                                              Fig.1: GFAS Excess area map of 5-year return period precipitation (in red)
                                                                                           July 15, 2007

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